GENUINE – authentic, real!

We have heard people say they are the real deal.

It means what they say and what they do matches up.

They are open.

They are honest.

There is no pretense.

They do not try to be what they are not.

Oh, in this online business online advertising world there is this temptation to fake it.

No No No!!!

It is a trap to try to motivate people in a fakey type of way.

The fact is the moment you are unreal with others you are unreal with yourself.

When you lack being genuine with others, you lack being genuine with yourself.

And oh, it is not a good feeling.

So decide.  Make a choice.  Just be real!

Say it as it is.

Be honest.

Be genuine!

This is the way of success, the way of bountifulness, the Hoopla Way!

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