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From Traffic Hoopla | Thursday, July 21, 2022 No chasing this or that, regardless. Our eyes are on stats!

Wealth WEALTH! Good values make you valuable! Wealth is a word that people are greatly attracted to. There is a wealth that is materialistic. It is defined by how much money you have. Where you live. Home, cars, etc. It is that Outside Wealth, and people never have enough. No matter what you have, you get greedy and want more. But there is an INSIDE WEALTH! And we wish everyone would have inside wealth. Inside wealth is NOT based on how much money you have. Inside Wealth is based on the values you live by. When you live by good values! You become more valuable! You begin to appreciate in your wealth! That you may bestow on other people! Because you have so much to give. So solid, so strong on the inside! People migrate to that! Yes Yes Yes!!! inside wealth! Simple as it gets! This is your guide to promoting your business! How can we best help you today?

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