The Power of Now

The Power of Now

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The power of now!

You are always present.

Whatever you are doing,

You are always present.

You are not distracted by what is behind you.

You are not distracted by what is before you.

You give One Hundred Percent to the Present!

Yes! your time and your energy and your focus!

To the present moment! To the now!

Make every day count. Make every day matter.

We over exaggerate what we did yesterday.

We over estimate tomorrow.

But we underestimate what we are doing right now.

Why? Because we have lost the power of now!

The possibilities. The potential of now!

Present means now is the only time we have.

So take advantage of it! Maximize it!

If I prepare my now well, I have a better future.

Everyone of us is either preparing or repairing.

Start Preparing! Take advantage of the now!