TENACIOUS – strong, unyielding.

We learned early that the only way to succeed is to hold on.

Too many people quit right before they are to be successful.

They give up just a little bit too soon.

A lot of people start well, few end well.

When we sow the seed, we do not go out the next day and expect a crop.

I sowed the seed yesterday, there must be a crop today!  No.

No No No!!!  it just does not work that way.

We got to hold.
We got to wait.

Let the seasons come, give it time.

Good things do not come overnight.
Good things come over time.

Friend, it is true:  All is well that ends well.

All tenacious people know that for a fact.

Yes Tenacious – determined, persistent, relentless, resolute, steadfast.

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