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When we think of this word, servant, we think of a person who is mature.


The definition of maturity is one who puts the interest of others above yourself.

Matured and complete and developed and fit and perfected and prepared and ready!

The definition of immaturity is that you put self first.

Immature and inexperienced and green and imperfect and underdeveloped and wet behind ears!


We know a lot of immature people, they are at the top of their agenda.

But a servant is mature enough to understand that the world consist of others (only 1 exception).

Yes, billions of others!

And there is always room for servant-hood.

There is always room for someone without an agenda to come alongside to give and to help.


This is what we know about people who are servants.

They are people loved by others, and they are people who make a difference.


We think the way up is not by going up but by going down.

Serving others!

It does make a difference in your life and theirs.


Traffic Hoopla is a traffic and commissions builder.
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