REVITALIZATION — Mouth-Full Word, we know.  SMILE!

All of us must continually revitalize our life, our business.

The tendency is for all of us to run-down, tear-down, to slow-down.

We are human.  We must at times stop and rest, revitalize.

90000 in Next 30-days?

Now this is true.

Either I wisely choose to revitalize from time to time, or I will wear-down to the point that I break-down.

There is a difference.

When I wisely choose to revitalize, stop and rest and regroup and re-purpose and refocus, the time is shorter and more meaningful than if I am forced to by a break-down.

If I wait until I run out of gas, then I have to go and find the gas station and get gas, it is a lot harder and longer.

It is better to do little stops along the way, which keep us from the big stop that is really hard.

Revitalization.  A wonderful word in which we carry some responsibility.

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