RELEVANCE – pertinence, applicability, importance, purpose, relevancy!

Any person that is to succeed must connect with their culture.

We have to be relevant.

The ability to know what people are thinking.

What people are doing.

Find people where they are.

A person that lacks relevance is lost.

Not only are they lost in connecting with people, they do not know where they are.

It takes effort to be relevant.

Especially in the area of our focus, online advertising.

It takes energy.

To be relevant you have to find out where they are, what they are thinking.

You have to ask a lot of questions.

Connect with them.

To be relevant means you care enough to connect with them.

You care enough to find out where they are at now so that you can help them on that journey.

Oh Yes Yes Yes!!!  to your bountiful online business, online advertising.


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