REJUVENATE – make new again!

Make New Again!
Make New Again!
Make New Again!

At times we all get tired and worn out.

At times we all need fresh and new and more energy.

A rejuvenate!

We all can get run down.

We all can get burned out.

Then is the time for rest.  Re-energize!  Rejuvenation!

From time to time we all need to stop and rest and get quiet and listen and regroup.

Oh, we have the amazing ability to come back.

If we would recognize the signs.  Know when.  Stop and sit awhile.

Do the things that rejuvenate.

What brings you rest?

What brings you refreshment?

What brings you strength?

What brings energy back to you?

When the signs, when the need, stop and rest awhile and do these things.

Then your battery will get strong again.

And then you can roll up your sleeves and enter the arena of action one more time.

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