PROMISES – one’s word that something will be done.

We were taught as kids, if we made a promise we were to keep it.

That was a bond of integrity between the person making it and the person receiving it.

Some people have trouble with this.

They want to please a lot of people, so they say whatever.

It is a hard lesson to learn.

Oh, thank you to our parents who did not let us off easy on unfulfilled promises.

Here is the truth.

Your bond is your word.

What you say, you need to do.

So if you are not going to do it, do not say it.

Learn to weigh the promise first.

Is it something you can do?

Is it something you should do?

So the next time you cross the bridge of promise, do it right and cross it all the way.

Yes this applies to all us.

Yes this applies to all online business.

Yes this applies to all online advertising.

Yes Yes Yes!!! to Your Hoopla!

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