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Make a Profit by Being Profitable!

PROFIT! Make a Profit by Being Profitable!

A return on your investment. The bottom line.

Sometimes we shy away from the word Profit.

Profit can give us the wrong motive for doing something.

We have always believed in helping people.

And that helping people will eventually turn into a profit.

Instead of looking for the bottom line.

Instead of looking for the profit.

We want to be profitable to others.

Take the word profit and quit worrying about the bottom line.

And give yourself to being profitable to others.

If you are profitable to others,

They will add to your bottom line,

And Yes You will be Profitable!

Do not get these words confused.

Do not get the order of these words confused.

I am first profitable to others.

Then the odds increase that I will have a profit on the bottom line.

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