How To Promote My Primary Online Business

A Traffic Hoopla member emailed us the following question, and we want to share it with you, along with our response, so that it will help as many people as possible.

A very good question, we love helping, and we welcome all questions:

I’ve been sitting on the fence watching your Traffic Hoopla concept
for some years now, and I’m still a free member.

What I do not understand from reading your info material over
and over again is how your system will promote my primary
online business, which is not TH or any of the recommended
traffic sites.

If only I started yesterday is repeated over and over again.  If this is you (those reading this now), we can help you.

Many arrive here with Affiliate Membership Sites to promote, hoping to make it their business.  But truth be told, unless you are making an income from such, it is not your business, and if you are making no income, no profit from it, it is no business at all.

Few do come here with their own Online Business, or Affiliate Memberships in which they are making a profit, and we welcome all.  But the big question:  Why Are You Here?

You are here for the Want of Traffic!  You need traffic.  Whether it was the testing reports, the rankings, or the branding, you are here because you want and need traffic, and believe it can be had here.

Yes!  Traffic Hoopla is all about Building Traffic.  More, it is about building large amounts of Ongoing Daily Traffic.  The keywords here are building-traffic and ongoing-daily-traffic.

If you have any online business of any kind, answer this question:  How Much Traffic Did You Wake Up To This Morning?  Be honest!  And where did this traffic come from?

If only You started from the start, when you first joined Traffic Hoopla, you could be working with 10,000 to more than 20,000 Ongoing Daily Traffic.

This is not an illusion, myth or pipe dream.  This is real, our testimony, we lead by example.

You are faced with 2 Daily Choices in this Online Business World!

2 Daily Choices!  Buy TrafficBuild Traffic?

Big Corporations simply buy traffic, buy large advertising blocks, and all is well.

You and I cannot do the same.  Oh, we can buy some traffic, and this is good in the meanwhile.

But our Only Real Option is to Build Traffic.

This is what Your Traffic Hoopla does bestBuild Traffic!

In a nutshell:  Build traffic by promoting Your Traffic Hoopla, getting signups and earning referral rewards.

The Online Referral Programs all work in a multi-down-line system, where you earn rewards for your referrals, and theirs, and theirs for many down-line levels deep.  This is what makes promoting Your Traffic Hoopla and getting signups so important.

View all of this as a Farmer Planting Seeds!  Soon, it grows and multiples and produces a bountiful harvest.

If you follow, if you do, soon, Your Bountiful Harvest.  Yes, we are talking about Your Traffic Hoopla!


  • If not already, Traffic Hoopla Pro.
  • Login to Your Traffic Hoopla (simple step one to revitalizing).
  • Start Now – if only you started yesterday is your today.
  • The new Automate can be very helpful in your building.
  • And Small Bites may help keep your business running until.

Bountiful Blessings to You This Day!