Getting Started

GETTING STARTED – You know getting started is most important.

It is all about initiative.

We hear this often:  All is well that ends well.

It is a good expression.  It is true!

But there needs to be an expression before that one.

All is well that begins well.

If you do not begin well, you cannot end well.

You got to start.

The 2 bookends to success are starting and finishing.

Some people start and never finish, thus, cannot be successful.

Getting started is the first step.

It is not the only step, not the last step, but it is the main step of success.

Once you get started, it motivates you to keep going.

But if you do not get started, you do not get motivated, and nothing ever happens.

Getting Started!!!  not the only step, but yes the main step to your success.


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