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Amazing and exceptional and incredible.

It is wonderful and rare and remarkable and special and terrific!

Ordinary with the word extra in front of it.

In other words, a lot of things are ordinary
But to make them Extra-Ordinary
You have to add what is already average.

In other words, Extra-Ordinary starts with average.

Whatever average is, that is where you start.

Then you put extra on it to go beyond average.

Take average time that people spend to be successful.
And you put extra time on it to be Extra-Ordinary.

It means you take ordinary resources for average
And you put more on it to be Extra-Ordinary.

Take an average attitude, an ordinary attitude,
And put more into it to become Extra-Ordinary.

You do more, you walk the extra mile,
And you become Extra-Ordinary.

The gap between ordinary and Extra-Ordinary
Can be bridged with One Word! Effort!

People who put in an extra effort become Extra-Ordinary.

Simple as it gets!

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