What comes to your mind when think on the word entitlement?

Generally negative.  We think of someone who feels like they deserve something that perhaps they do not.

Entitlement:  claim, privilege, rights.

And to be honest, we have problems with anybody people who thinks they deserve something.

The fact is we all come into this world in debt.  We are already given gifts and already given opportunities.



Someone once suggested there are 3 Phases to a person’s life:

  1. We learn.
  2. We earn.
  3. And then we return.

People with a sense of entitlement:

  • They do not learn, they do not feel like they have to.
  • They do not earn, they already have it.
  • And usually they are selfish, they do not return.

Yuck!  That is not the kind of life and business we want to live.

Today, ask yourself if there is any entitlement attitude present.  If you do, get rid of it, you do not want that.

I promise it will do nothing but mess you up.

By the way, if you have that feeling, especially in online business, people do not like you that much.  Yes, get rid of it today.

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