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ENDURANCE – unless you finish, you never win.

When we think of endurance it allows you and me to get through.

It is a picture word of difficult, it is not easy, it is uphill.

To endure means you will not quit!


Because if you want to win, you have to finish.

Many times we do not endure.

And why?

Often because we do not value the prize of going forward.

So you only endure if you believe there is value in the end.

We hope that you have something in your life, in your business, that you value such that you will endure.

So pay that price!

Oh, remember this:  When you quit you never get there!

Endurance allows you a sense of victory in your life because you did not quit.

Today, in all your online work, all Your Hoopla, Keep on keeping on!!!


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