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Online Advertising Doing

A young person once said to me,
Help Me to study Internet Marketing.

Give me some rules to guide me –
How to begin and how to go on.

I want to know Internet Marketing well.

This is the desire of all newcomers.
How can we find joy and a bountiful harvest?

The thing that comes before all is
The attitude in which you come.

Newcomer or Expert, yes.
What is your purpose?

A person is ruled and urged on by
The goal that he sets before himself.

No Surprise!

If your aim is to know Internet Marketing well, only,
No joy.

Thorough knowledge, itself, gains you nothing.

To some it is a curse.

To others it is worthless.

It does not make them joyful or bountiful.

To some it is a burden, and it depresses them
Instead of helping them.

Yes, knowledge, by itself.

What then should be the aim,
The real attitude of the Internet Marketing student?

The first need is a great hunger for doing well.

A great desire for learning, knowing, and doing.

And not just know it, but do it.

All true doing well depends upon first the will to do it.

A will definitely set upon doing it.

A single purpose to do it.

Words stand between the will and the action.

If a man wills to do something for you,
He expresses his thought or purpose in words.

Then he fulfills the words by doing what he promised.

We can do many things:
We can seek to know, we can admire, we can praise.

But if we do not do,
We deceive ourselves and fall short.

The doing is key.

Only as we do them
Will their real benefit and blessing unfold to us.

Students put into practice the lessons they receive.

Be ready to do!

Do not take this for granted.
It is of greater importance than you know.

This is more absent than you think.

The Doing!

The prerequisite for enjoying your food is hunger.

Internet Marketing?
Online Business?
Online Advertising?

A simple,
Determined longing
To find out what it is you should do.

A dead-in-earnest resolve to do it.