ASSOCIATION – group with common interest or pursuit.

Here is a funny story about a mule.

A man took his mule and tried entering it into a world famous horse race.

But only thoroughbreds enter these races.

I know, he responded, but I thought the association would help him.

Big Smile!

We all have been that mule before and tried to get around some thoroughbreds.

We Know This…

If you associate with good people better than you, you will get better.

If you associate with people less than you, you will get less.

Birds of the feather flock together.

Take 5 of your closest friends.  Give a number rating their success and get an average score.  This is what your success will be.

So association is essential!

Oh Thank You!!!  for your association with Traffic Hoopla.

Traffic Hoopla is running and growing and thriving.

Bountiful blessings to your running and growing and thriving today.


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