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Patience – Leaders never cross the finish line first.

They just don’t. And there is a reason for that.

It is not that they are not fast, or that they could not win the race.

No. It is because they choose not to run the race alone.

Again. They choose not to run the race alone.

When they cross the finish line, they will have someone with them.

And if you have someone with you, you will have to wait on them.

And this is where Patience is a vital ingredient to a leader, to a business owner, to online business, and to online advertising success.

Patience allows us to slow our pace, so that when we cross the finish line we are not the only one successful. We are helping others be successful also.

We would rather cross the finish line with someone than to be first and cross alone. Think about it. When you finish first, and cross all alone, there is no one there to enjoy celebrating with.

Yes. Yes. Yes! This greatly applies to your online business, your online advertising, and your online advertising success.

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