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Simple explained

Simple explained

But first, continued Blessings.
Blessings to you and your family.
Our heart is to help those with nothing.

All Hoopla follows the same
Concept, Format, Layout, Purpose, Goal.

We want All Hoopla to be Family, Comfortable, Welcome.

Colors may change, Site Name, Focus, but still Family.

All Hoopla makes use of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Join, top left menu.

This is where you start, and return often.

Go to any of Your Hoopla sites, login, see home page.
Simple instructions explained in few words.

Simple? Oh Yes! And it works, well!

And we are behind the scenes now working on lessons. Better.

Last note for now, all are welcome, free and pro.
Our heart really is to help those with nothing.
We all are climbing this mountain.
We are doing so with our hands wide open.

To Help Those with Nothing

Blessings to you and your family.
Our heart is to help those with nothing.

2015 is here. We are thankful, blessed, excited.

There is a mountain ahead.
We are climbing with our hands wide open.

This coming year starts now.
Day by day, moment by moment, continual.

What can you expect from Your Hoopla in 2015?

Simplicity. Yes!

More teaching.
More lessons.
More help.
More giving.
More simple.

Yes Yes Yes!

Our heart is to help those with nothing.

Yes, online business, helping those with nothing.

This is how we got our start more than 15-years ago,
with nothing. And we want to do a better job
of teaching, helping, showing the way from
nothing to doing well. Simply, honest, well.

We have no interest in going with the flow. No!

Nor do we care to go upstream, against the flow.

The Hoopla Way is another stream altogether.

The high road, Oh Yes. Quiet. Simple. It works!

Come now, today, day by day, moment by moment,
Climb This Mountain with Us.
Yes, with hands wide open.

1st Join Update for Dec 30

1st Join Updated now.

the last Traffic Exchange Testing Report in 2014
Tuesday December 30 2014

is published, therefore, 1st Join Updated.

Your TrafficHoopla! rankings page

Oh, the power hidden within the 1st Join.
Top 3 Traffic Exchanges
Large and Active Audiences
Referral Rewards

with just these 3, it possible to generate thousands of
ongoing daily traffic.

Oh Yes, the value of Ongoing Daily Traffic

If you will only follow our instructions, do as we do,
soon, Oh Bountiful Harvest.

Our instructions are simple.  Simplicity.
Join each and use each daily to promote Your Hoopla.
The point is to get signups and earn referral rewards.
And the goal is to build large amounts of ongoing daily traffic.

What if you were working with 5,000 Hits every day?

Oh Yes, a real possibility.

If You Follow… If You Do… Oh Bountiful Harvest!

More Than 15-Years Ago

It was a time just like this, the holidays.

We were determined to learn, figure this out, make it work for us. And Oh, it worked, worked well.

Today, Your Hoopla is a result of that time — learning, focus, taking action.

How can we help you today? Yes, we are open for business all holiday week.

We encourage all to learn, focus, and take action. Our help is available.

What Do You Need?


Unbridled is the opposite of bridled.

To unbridled is to release someone and let them go to become all that they can become.

It is a good day for all of us when someone unbridled us, takes the reigns off, and let’s us become all that we can be.

Yes, here at Hoopla we are in the business of unbridled. How? By teaching and leading in simplicity.

Oh, unbelievable how many new businesses unbridled here over the years.

analysis Dec 10 Report

analysis Dec 10 Report

The Affiliate Profits Testing Report is published,
for Wednesday, December 10, 2014,
therefore, ProfitHoopla! Top 10 is updated.

Here is a brief analysis of this testing report.
The full testing report is a benefit for pro members.
Login, see Dec 10 Report from left column menu.

analysis Dec 10 Report

For the first time,
the report list overall rankings of 37 Top Affiliate Programs.

#1 is Hit2Hit. Not only are they a Top Traffic Exchange,
they top rank all in Affiliate Profits, more than double #2.

What does this really mean?
A very well monetized affiliate program.

All Current Top 10 perform very well.
If looking to maximizing, then upgrade to the highest level.
Highest level upgrades equals highest commissions percent.

Then, to maximize, promote Your ProfitHoopla! everywhere.
Yes, to family and friends. Yes, on social networks.
Yes, on all top ranked advertising resources.
Each signup potentially follows you everywhere

Oh, but please start, if not already, upgrading here, ProfitHoopla!
Yes, 50% commissions, including on Lifetime and Yearly.

One last analysis notable from Dec 10 Report: the testing data
is enormous, especially looking since August. And when
ranking overall, it is based on composite scores with higher
weights given to most current and total. The picture is
good and accurate, where to focus for Affiliate Profits.



If You Follow… If You Do… Oh Bountiful Harvest!

Your TrafficHoopla! Simplicity page

Simplicity: the state and quality of being simple. Oh Yes!

How can we best help you today?

Profits Rankings Published Updated

Profit Rankings:  testing report and rankings updated.

The latest Profit Rankings Testing Report Published
Oh, if you are not part of ProfitHoopla! yet…
If not already, see ProfitHoopla! here

What we are doing, testing and rankings,
in the realm of Profits, nowhere else.

This Testing Report is revealing, useful, unbelievable.

36 Top Ranked Resources qualified for rankings this report.

Oh Oh Oh, daily we are asked about where to make profits.
Here you go.  Answers.  Solutions.  No-brainers.  Simple.

What are You doing for Thanksgiving?

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
The Holidays Are Always Very Good Online!

Thanksgiving is our favorite week of the year.
Always increase searchers, newcomers, signups.

It was doing a time such as this, The Holidays,
where we got our start online, 15+ years ago.

I was determined, on a mission, to discover how this work.

Ask.  Seek.  Knock.

Oh, we love to share.  We love to help.  We love to give.

Take a few minutes today to overview Your Hoopla!
It is simple, yet extremely useful and powerful.
You are likely missing the one key to unlocking your door.
And it is likely so simple, right there before you, just…

Ask.  Seek.  Knock.  Yes Yes Yes!

…be given to you.  …shall find.  …opened unto you.

We are here, open for business, All Thanksgiving Week!

And if you need help with promoting anything, here is our best

Oh Yes, there will be many extra eyes this week —
Searchers.  Newcomers.  Signups.

The Holidays are always very good online.

12 Years Today

12 Years Today

12 Years back today, we published the first testing report.

This Was Our Real Start November 2002

100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002

  • 624 weekly Traffic Exchange Testing Reports
  • 624 weekly Safelist Mailers Testing Reports
  • 1 weekly Profits Testing Report
  • millions and millions and millions raw testing data
  • continuous, continual, ongoing, more to come

The first Hoopla, TrafficHoopla! was February 2003

Today 213329 Members All Hoopla! Thank You!

12 Years Today Celebrate

Is Your Business Growing and Thriving?

Is Your Business Growing and Thriving?

Yes, a serious question: Is your business growing and thriving?

And have you asked the question — Why Not?

We sincerely care. Our messages, our programs, and our work are simple and on purpose.

If you need help, help is is available. Yes, we care.

Stop chasing after empty rainbows. Slow down, think about what you are doing and why.

Today, Right Now, if you need…

  • Extra daily and ongoing traffic for ANY SITE you want to promote.
  • Test ANY SITE you are promoting to determine average conversion rate.
  • Increase traffic to ANY SITE you are building.

See current Traffic Packages available for any site, any affiliate page, any splash page, any blog, any advertisement.