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Keep This Forever Before You

Ongoing Daily Traffic is the secret to doing well in Online Business.

Keep this forever before you.

Ongoing Daily Traffic is the secret.

All We Wanted

A Little Extra Money

All we wanted was a little extra money. We looked online. We already had an offline business, and it was doing well. But our growing family needed (maybe wanted or both) more. So a little extra money was the reason why we looked online.

From:  Online Advertising Truth

Exciting Change in the Hoopla Family

An exciting change in the Hoopla! family.

Profit Hoopla! is now a Top 21.

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Why?  Well, this week’s testing report ranked 63.

This means that 63 different affiliate programs
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May 21 Safelist Testing Report

May 21 Safelist Mailers Testing Report is published, therefore, Your Traffic Hoopla! Rankings are updated.

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100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002

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Profit Hoopla! Ranked 63 This Week

Profit Hoopla! ranked 63 this week.  See Your TH 4th Join and Hoopla Family.

Unbelievable.  Exciting.  Most useful!

To those with the vision, making the most of their Hoopla!

Two Words:  Bountiful Harvest

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We Welcome the World!

Traffic Hoopla! welcomes the world.

All of our pages, including member pages, make use of Google Translate.

We have always welcomed the world.  Today, we make a statement of welcome, and go farther in welcoming all, newcomers and pros, worldwide, you are welcome here.

This Week:

  • Tuesday – Traffic Exchange Testing Report and Rankings, see 1st Join.
  • Wednesday – Affiliate Profits Testing Report and Rankings, see 4th Join.
  • Thursday – Safelist Mailers Testing Report and Rankings, see 2nd Join.

Most Notables:

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Taking In and Giving Out

Wherever there is life, there is continual interchange of taking in and giving out, receiving and restoring.

The nourishment I take is given out again in the work I do; the impressions I receive, in the thoughts and feelings I express.

The one depends on the other — the giving out ever increases the power of taking in.

In the healthy exercise of giving and taking is all the enjoyment of life.

Oh, it is so in the Internet Marketing World too.

Some look on it as consisting all in the privilege of ever receiving; they know not how the capacity for receiving is only kept up and enlarged by continual giving up and giving out

Email Marketing Rankings

Safelist Testing Report and Rankings now.

May 14 Safelist Mailers Testing Report is
published, therefore, Hoopla! Rankings updated.

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The point is to get signups and earn referral rewards.

Oh, the secret is in referral rewards.

And the goal is to build large amounts of ongoing daily traffic.

Yes, doing well online is all about Ongoing Daily Traffic.

Online Advertising Rankings

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Heaviest Must Weight Heaviest

What is heaviest must weigh heaviest!

The most important must have the first place.

In our everything, we only get as we give.

Unless we are willing to pay the price, to sacrifice, we cannot expect much.

Focus First and Most Here!

Focus First and Most Here!

Which Hoopla is best to focus on?

Many such questions, we love questions, we welcome your questions.

ANSWER:  Your Traffic Hoopla!

Yes, we recommend focusing first and most on Your Traffic Hoopla!

It continues to be the best start, best entry, for all, and especially newcomers.

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For an example is in our Increase Search Engine Presence.

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That Which is Aimed for is Used

That which is aimed for is used, and there is a result.

If you follow, if you do, soon, Your Bountiful Harvest.

The central thought here is doing. It is proceeded by the following.

It is accompanied and followed by bountiful harvest.

That which is aimed for is used, and there is a result.

Much depends on the doing, and that it is daily.


Simple Ordinary Working Class

Simple. Ordinary. Working Class Type People. No Online Business knowledge, understanding, experience. We spent more than 20-years landscaping. Yes —ditch digging, working outside, planting trees, mowing grass, trimming bushes. What we have done, you can also. What we have, you too. Yes Yes Yes!

From:  Online Advertising Truth

Online Advertising Truth: The Law of Online Business

There is a great difference between following and doing.

Compare the corn a farmer has stored up in his barn with the bread he has on his table.

Sowing, cultivating and harvesting his grain is essential.

But it cannot profit him until he eats the bread in daily portions as his body requires.

In the following, great quantity and speed of work are important.

Doing is the opposite! A small quantity, at regular intervals, appropriated slow, is the need.

Do you see how this applies to Your Online Business?

If you follow our instructions, do as we do, soon, Your Bountiful Harvest.

Safelist Rankings

A New To Top 3

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May 7 Safelist Mailers Testing Report is published,
therefore, rankings are updated.


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