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analysis Dec 10 Report

analysis Dec 10 Report

The Affiliate Profits Testing Report is published,
for Wednesday, December 10, 2014,
therefore, ProfitHoopla! Top 10 is updated.

Here is a brief analysis of this testing report.
The full testing report is a benefit for pro members.
Login, see Dec 10 Report from left column menu.

analysis Dec 10 Report

For the first time,
the report list overall rankings of 37 Top Affiliate Programs.

#1 is Hit2Hit. Not only are they a Top Traffic Exchange,
they top rank all in Affiliate Profits, more than double #2.

What does this really mean?
A very well monetized affiliate program.

All Current Top 10 perform very well.
If looking to maximizing, then upgrade to the highest level.
Highest level upgrades equals highest commissions percent.

Then, to maximize, promote Your ProfitHoopla! everywhere.
Yes, to family and friends. Yes, on social networks.
Yes, on all top ranked advertising resources.
Each signup potentially follows you everywhere

Oh, but please start, if not already, upgrading here, ProfitHoopla!
Yes, 50% commissions, including on Lifetime and Yearly.

One last analysis notable from Dec 10 Report: the testing data
is enormous, especially looking since August. And when
ranking overall, it is based on composite scores with higher
weights given to most current and total. The picture is
good and accurate, where to focus for Affiliate Profits.



If You Follow… If You Do… Oh Bountiful Harvest!

Your TrafficHoopla! Simplicity page

Simplicity: the state and quality of being simple. Oh Yes!

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Profits Rankings Published Updated

Profit Rankings:  testing report and rankings updated.

The latest Profit Rankings Testing Report Published
Oh, if you are not part of ProfitHoopla! yet…
If not already, see ProfitHoopla! here

What we are doing, testing and rankings,
in the realm of Profits, nowhere else.

This Testing Report is revealing, useful, unbelievable.

36 Top Ranked Resources qualified for rankings this report.

Oh Oh Oh, daily we are asked about where to make profits.
Here you go.  Answers.  Solutions.  No-brainers.  Simple.

What are You doing for Thanksgiving?

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
The Holidays Are Always Very Good Online!

Thanksgiving is our favorite week of the year.
Always increase searchers, newcomers, signups.

It was doing a time such as this, The Holidays,
where we got our start online, 15+ years ago.

I was determined, on a mission, to discover how this work.

Ask.  Seek.  Knock.

Oh, we love to share.  We love to help.  We love to give.

Take a few minutes today to overview Your Hoopla!
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You are likely missing the one key to unlocking your door.
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…be given to you.  …shall find.  …opened unto you.

We are here, open for business, All Thanksgiving Week!

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Oh Yes, there will be many extra eyes this week —
Searchers.  Newcomers.  Signups.

The Holidays are always very good online.

12 Years Today

12 Years Today

12 Years back today, we published the first testing report.

This Was Our Real Start November 2002

100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002

  • 624 weekly Traffic Exchange Testing Reports
  • 624 weekly Safelist Mailers Testing Reports
  • 1 weekly Profits Testing Report
  • millions and millions and millions raw testing data
  • continuous, continual, ongoing, more to come

The first Hoopla, TrafficHoopla! was February 2003

Today 213329 Members All Hoopla! Thank You!

12 Years Today Celebrate

Is Your Business Growing and Thriving?

Is Your Business Growing and Thriving?

Yes, a serious question: Is your business growing and thriving?

And have you asked the question — Why Not?

We sincerely care. Our messages, our programs, and our work are simple and on purpose.

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100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002

The Simplicity of 1st Join

The Simplicity of 1st Join – Tuesday October 21 2014

The weekly traffic exchange testing report published.  Therefore, rankings updated, Your TrafficHoopla! 1st Join is updated.

All TrafficHoopla! members should take notice, focus first here.

Simplicity of 1st Join.  Oh Yes, Simplicity is Your TrafficHoopla!

Newcomers are here, coming, Best Intro to online advertising.  If you, welcome, focus first on Your TrafficHoopla! 1st Join.

And to the many pros here, reachout and help your downline.  Doing this, no strings attached, is exactly how we got our start, and continue today.

How can we best help you?

Saturday October 18 2014

The following is current news for Traffic Hoopla!, and the Hoopla Family of Online Resources, now more than 212084 members.

Yes Yes Yes, the Hoopla Family is now more than 212084 (Two Hundred Thousand Eighty Four) members.

  • 4 primary membership sites
  • 1 specialty traffic generating site
  • 2 directories

More is coming.  1 New primary membership site is set to open by October 30, and another few ideas set for December.

You do know that the next 3 months are the most active, most productive, online, worldwide? Yes Yes Yes, this is true.

October and November and December are the most!

True in All Internet Marketing, True in All Online Advertising, Yes Yes Yes – true in All Hoopla!

Therefore Do This Today:

  • Become very active in Your Traffic Hoopla!
  • Promote Your Traffic Hoopla!, get signups and earn referral rewards.
  • And see Hoopla Family within your account.  Follow, Oh Yes, Follow All!

No advice works unless you do.  Put your hand to the plow and not look to yesterday.  Give it your all the next 3 months.

If you need help promoting anything else, we can help, our traffic is perfect mix from all current best, designed for any site.  See All Current Traffic Packages Here.

Run Your Own Test

Run Your Own Test — Yes, you may run your own test, starting now.

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  • It generally takes a minimum of 10K hits (yes, 10000 hits) to determine an average conversion rate.
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  • Our traffic is a mix from all current top ranked, tested and ranked on stats only.


2 simple directories

2 simple directories

The Hoopla Family has grown:

4 primary membership sites
1 specialty site
2 directories

If not already, please see our 2 new directories,
both opened in recent weeks.

And with these openings, both TEHoopla and ListHoopla
are now a Top 10 Focus. Less is More, Oh Yes!

More More More

A new campaign is being launched later this week, Hoopla-wide.

More More More – Okay!

A new primary membership site is coming by end of October.

Yes Yes Yes

We are in one of the most exciting times in Hoopla.
Simplicity is taking over.


Ask — You only get answers to the questions you ask!

Simple? Oh yes!

Hoopla Notables:

The Hoopla Family of Online Resources includes 4 primary membership sites, 1 specialty site, 2 directories, more than 200K members worldwide.  Thank You!

Oh, Another New Hoopla!

Oh, another New Hoopla!

Good Good Good!

Less is More! Oh Yes!


1 – another new Hoopla is now open.
TE Hoopla Directory
Oh, login to Your Traffic Hoopla, see Hoopla Family.

2 – last week a new Hoopla, List Hoopla Directory.
Yes, login to Your Traffic Hoopla, see Hoopla Family.

3 – Less is More! Simplicity is taking over Hoopla.
Your Traffic Hoopla 1st Join is now a focus on Top 3
Your Traffic Hoopla 2nd Join is also a focus on Top 3

TrafficHoopla, grandaddy of all traffic builders, 146192 members.

We have always an excellent entry point, intro to online advertising.

This continues, and even more some along these lines in the coming.

What’s Next?

1 – A new Ad Page coming next week, huge growth, best 4th qtr.

2 – Another New Hoopla within weeks, this is for real, significant.

3 – More outside growth than ever before. Stay Alert!

Oh, Yes Yes Yes! This is an active Hoopla Weekend!
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3 Bountiful Packages available right now, start now.

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Team Hoopla Greatly Appreciates Your Business

1st Join Updated

1st Join Updated — Today is Tuesday, September 30, 2014
The Traffic Exchange Testing Report is published.
Therefore, the Traffic Hoopla Rankings are updated.

All Traffic Hoopla Members should login, see most current rankings (1st Join List), and take action.

In addition, Traffic Hoopla Pro Members may login, see most current and full testing report, and make full use of.

If not already, today is your best day to upgrade to pro.

And we also offer excellent traffic packages to any site anytime.

Traffic Hoopla Rankings: 100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002